Notice: Due to generating low revenue over the last year, Digital River MyCommerce, the company that has handled online sales and fulfillment of my CyberSky software for many years, is terminating my account. I have therefore decided to stop sales of CyberSky on May 4, 2024. Thank you for nearly three decades of support.

Getting help

If you have a question about purchasing or using CyberSky that isn’t answered in Frequently-asked questions, would like to report a bug you discovered in the software, or have a suggestion for a new feature you’d like to see in a future release, please don’t hesitate to write.

Reporting a bug

Some problems you might encounter while using CyberSky may be due to a bug in a device driver. If a problem involves how objects are drawn on the screen, you might be able to fix it by updating the driver for your video card. Similarly, you might be able to fix a problem with printed maps by updating the driver for your printer. Some problems might be due to one or more corrupted files or Windows settings, and can often be fixed by uninstalling the software and then installing it again.

If you’ve discovered a bug in CyberSky, first check to see if it’s been fixed in a newer version of the program. For more information, see Program updates. If there are no updates available, please report the bug so that it can be corrected. Be sure to provide all relevant information, including the version of CyberSky and Windows that you’re running, the make and model of your video card and your printer, the text of any messages displayed when the problem occurred, and the steps required to reproduce the problem.

Making a suggestion

Your feedback is very important, and will help make CyberSky a better program for all users. Any suggestions that you submit will be very much appreciated and will be taken into account during the development of future versions of CyberSky.

Contact information

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